Current Investments

"It is great working with Charter Oak. They are not just finance guys - they really understand what it takes to build a successful business through first-hand experience."

Steve Stewart,
CEO Brook & Whittle

Current Investments

Colorado Timberline, LLC

Colorado Timberline LLC
Denver, CO
2017 Buyout with management

A mass-customization digital printer specializing in fabrics and other difficult-to-print items.

EiKO Global LLC

EiKO Global LLC
Kansas City, KS
2013 Buyout with management

Distributor and marketer of lighting products.

Seaboard Folding Box Company

Seaboard Folding Box Company LLC
Fitchburg, MA
2014 Buyout with management

Manufacturer of paperboard boxes for the specialty food and pharmacy markets.

ShelterLogic, Inc.

ShelterLogic LLC
Watertown, CT
2011 Buyout

Manufacturer of outdoor canopies and garage shelters.


SmartCare LLC
Las Vegas, NV
Spin-off from Smart Tuition in 2016

SaaS provider of billing and daycare center management tools.